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We prefer gymnasts to attend one of the available courses first.
However,  should you wish to join in club activity straight away or be at a suitable level  then we can offer direct membership. To those who meet our criteria.
Gymnasts may attend a ‘trial’ session- at the end of which we can decide on available sessions for either gymnastics , trampoline or both.

We recommend visiting the Centre to choose any available sessions or waiting lists
How to Join the club

New members welcome!



Currently  we are operating a waiting list

A few vacancies are available


All Fees are paid monthly, regardless of non attendance
Club performance related monthly minimum payment scheme over four categories;
1. FIG Pathway and  FIG Development NDP 6
2. Regional Performance Level - Grades NDP3/4/5
3. Club Performance level - Grades NDP1/2
4. Junior Development and Preparation to compete
5. Non Competitor