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January Grades results.......
what a fantastic performance from our club gymnasts  :) 16 podium places
9x winners/ 3x second/ 4x third
19 qualifiers........
best ever Regional event
and we kept the best till the very last event of the day by completeing a 'clean sweep' of 1st/2nd/3rd
Well done to all gymnasts and of course our coaching staff , officials and support team
podium winners;
Jemima/ Will/ Lucy Moores/ Megan/ Lucy Wright/ Henry/ Imogen/ Layla/ Grace Singleton
2nd place;
Oliver/Maddison/ Ella McBride
3rd place;
Martha/ Emma Andrews/ Evie/Grace Hackett

February Grades results
14x podium places
7 winners/2x second/5x third
Podium places;
1st- Beatrice/Mnarcus//Henry/Evie/Grace Singleton/Oliver/Lucy Moores
2nd- Will/Nancy
3rd- Grace Hackett/Bridie/Layla/Lucy Wright/Ewan

RTF Barclaycard Arena . Birmingham  June 2017
7x finalist to 2017 National Finals
GOLD- Megan/Will/ Henry/ Evie / Lucy
4th - Imogen

2017 Competition Team